Create social media ads

Creatopy helps you engage your audience with eye-catching social media ads. Create distinct designs of any size for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and all other major social media platforms by using professionally made templates and predefined ad sizes.

Facebook ads
Create professionally looking Facebook ad designs you'll be proud to publish, including carousels, videos, and sponsored message ads.
Instagram ads
Spice up your social media campaigns with a wide variety of Instagram ad designs, such as image, video, carousel, and story ads.
YouTube ads
Create YouTube ad designs that are worth watching. From skippable in-stream to bumper ads, Creatopy offers numerous ways to grab attention.
TikTok Ads
Make dynamic TikTok ad designs that drive engagement with Creatopy’s variety of features. Edit them as you like with a few clicks.
LinkedIn ads
Unleash your creativity with professional LinkedIn ad designs that are in tune with your brand using our templates as inspiration.
Pinterest ads
Make your Pinterest ad designs stand out using our diverse library of templates. Create visuals you’re proud of in a matter of minutes.

Ad networks compatibility

Social media networks may change the required image sizes specs from time to time. We make sure that our platform is up to date with the latest recommendations, so any design you make in Creatopy is compatible with the platform it’s intended for.

Design ads in tune with your brand

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    It's quick

    Creatopy allows you to make eye-catching social media ads by editing multiple designs simultaneously with a couple of clicks.

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    It's efficient

    Upgrade your social media advertising on the platforms of your choice. The smart resize option allows you to generate multiple sizes for a single design.

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    It's easy

    Design unique ad campaigns effortlessly. Simply drag and drop any elements you like from our comprehensive library.

Amazing templates at your fingertips

Creatopy has a large library of inspiring templates that will help bring your vision to life. Customize their pictures, colors, fonts, and sizes as you see fit.


Top features

Make your ads stand out with Creatopy’s unique features.


Brand kit

Save all your visual assets in a brand kit to have them on hand when you start designing social media ads.


Magic animator

Take your ads to the next level by adding interesting animations that will catch your audience’s attention.



Creatopy allows you to resize your ads to fit all your social media platforms for a consistent brand look.


Background remover

Create transparent background images in an instant and make them the focus of your social media ad designs.



Receive or give feedback on designs in real-time and ensure all team members are on the same page.


Stock imagery

Take your pick from our extensive library of stock images and ensure all your ads have that professional look about them.

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Start designing according to your vision

Enter the realm of social media ads with Creatopy’s inspiring templates, numerous features, and advanced editing tools. Invite your teammates and unleash your creativity in a collaborative environment. Start designing remarkable social media ads right away using the 7-day free trial available for all premium plans.