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Start your free trial and use our intuitive drag and drop editor to generate Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Tik Tok video campaigns in no time. Target your audience in a more engaging way by creating professional-looking video ads.

Product video ads
Promote your brand with captivating product video ads. Customize them with our preset filters and use autoplay & loop to preview your work.
TikTok video ads
Get creative with video effects and transitions to make TikTok video ads that will get noticed by your target audience.
LinkedIn video ads
Create and edit professional LinkedIn video ads in a few clicks. Communicate on brand and meet all the platform's ad requirements.
Twitter video ads
Stand out with memorable Twitter video ads that autoplay well. Keep them short length and add branded cues to ensure they perform as desired.
Pinterest video ads
Get your presence noticed with Pinterest video ads that convey your business's promotional message and increase awareness.

Ad networks compatibility

Keeping up with the right sizes for video ads can be a lot of work. That’s why you can rely on us to make sure that your videos will look great on any platform you choose, whether it’s a vertical or horizontal format. Moreover, you can use custom ad tags to update your published ads in real-time.

All in one video ad editor

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    It's easy

    Deliver engaging video ads with simple drag and drop motions. Creatopy offers multiple easy to use customization features and elements.

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    It's quick

    Quickly edit your video advertising content in terms of duration, animation type, and layer positioning with the timeline feature.

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    It's efficient

    Resize your video campaign footage with one click. Our smart resize feature offers preset ad sizes for the most commonly used social media platforms.

Have an inspired start

Say goodbye to director’s block because Creatopy brings an extensive template gallery to your disposal. Choose one of our professionally designed templates and customize it as you wish. Get your video ads ready in no time.


Explore the creative playground

Ignite your creative spark with the help of Creatopy’s remarkable features and functionalities. Edit and customize impactful video ads while having a fully customized collaborative experience. Scale your video ad making process and take your campaigns to the next level.


Stock video library

Have all the premium stock video content you need within reach. Explore Creatopy's video library and find footage that fits your ad.


Advanced editing

Customize your video ads with advanced editing. Tailor each frame on the timeline to your preference in just a few minutes.


Masks and shapes

Personalize your video ads with our wide range of creative elements. Add masks and shapes to the edits to make them truly your own.

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