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Create ad campaigns from Photoshop files

Import your Photoshop design to Creatopy and enjoy a streamlined ad-making flow. Import your PSD files for quick resizing, minor tweaks, powerful animations and make the most of design collaboration.

Secure access with single sign-on

Enjoy an enhanced level of security, a significantly quicker sign-in process, and no more 'Forgot your password' prompts with Creatopy’s single sign-on authentication.

Embrace design collaboration

Check out Creatopy’s latest collaboration features. See how easy it is to make progress with your design projects and bring both teammates and clients on the same page with you.

Creatopy design collaboration

Introducing the Ad Serving Add-On

We are pleased to let you know that ad serving is now available in Creatopy. Now, it's easier to update live ads in real-time and display them on any website, regardless of their size and format.

Shutterstock images now in Creatopy

Exciting news! Creatopy and Shutterstock have joined forces to give you access to a library of 20 million high-resolution and high-quality images. Enjoy a simple design workflow, where the perfect picture is now only a few clicks away.

Empower Your Visual Story With Advanced Animation Capabilities

Fully express your ideas through a more robust offering of animation presets and additional animation control functionalities. Check out the latest animation improvements in Creatopy.

Quick Search: Your Newest Productivity Helper

Navigating to specific areas of Creatopy, locating your creative assets and initiating actions in the platform just got faster with the new search functionality.

Introducing the
Feed Ad Builder

Discover Creatopy's newest automation tool, which makes ad creation faster. Generate multiple visual variations of your design by simply using a .CSV file. Create large volumes of ads instantly without having to use complicated software.

Flexible naming for design sets

Download your ad set with the appropriate file name protocol for your preferred ad network. Discover custom naming for design sets.

Sound on: Make audio ads with premium stock music

Turn your audio ads into powerful engagement tools. Creatopy gives you access to a premium stock audio library with thousands of audio tracks to choose from. Ready to customize your audio ads with the perfect track?

Meet Brand Kit 2.0:
faster, smarter, simpler

Incorporate your core values into powerful designs with a more streamlined user flow. Easily deliver high impact visuals with the newly added customization functionalities for templates and color palettes.

Multi-scale download

Download your PNG and JPG designs retina ready or at thumbnail size with a single click. The new functionality in Creatopy allows you to download your design at the following scales: 0.5X, 0.75X, 1X, 1.5X, 2X, 3X and 4X.
The 3X and 4X scaling options are available only for images up to 2000 pixels in width and height.

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